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    2018.10.22 - New Single: Wrong Side of The Road (feat. Nephew Burak).
    2018.09.20 - New instrumental album: More Coffee.
    2018.04.20 - Soundtrack for the Michael Onder film Taksim Holdem is out.
    2018.04.01 - New Single: All In Vain (feat. Dinçer Tugmaner).
    2018.03.18 - New Single: Work Work Work (feat. The Marabas).
    2018.03.16 - Two SF songs are in the film Kaybedenler Kulübü Yolda and its soundtrack.
    2018.01.29 - New Single: Crying Shame.
    2017.10.01 - More songs in 80s style: The 80s (Level 2).
    2017.07.01 - 80s style rehash of 3 songs: The 80s (Phase 1).
    2017.04.24 - Click here for video for "Among The Pines."
    2017.04.01 - New Instrumental Album: Barista.
    2017.04.24 - For the no-budget video for "Night Jogger" click here.
    2017.02.01 - New Instrumental Album: Colour Blind.

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Wrong Side of the Road

More Coffee

Taksim Hold'em

All In Vain

Work Work Work

Crying Shame

The 80s (Level 2)

The 80s (Phase 1)


Colour Blind

Tired & Out Of Tune

Padded Machinery

Nothing Fancy

Best Of

Night Jogger


Among The Pines

Night Jogger

Just Another Day

Goodnight My Love

96 Miles
Hobo Guitars
Hobo Guitars
Dormant - Short Film

An independent DIY music maker with a schizophrenic variety of styles ranging from blues, rock, folk to ambient, synthetic, new-age.
Apart from an occasional jingle or two, Steady Fingers has composed music for short films: "Pulpa" by Ayse Ünal, "Centenary""and "Dormant" by Michael Onder, and some additional music for the feature film: "Should I Really Do It?" by Ismail Necmi.
His production of his song "Wrong Side of The Road" with Can Göksun on vocals and Erdem Tarabus on keys was featured in the 2011 movie "Kaybedenler Kulübü" and its soundtrack.
Just Another Day and Goodnight My Love were featured in the 2018 film Kaybedenler Kulübü Yolda and its soundtrack.
He also made music for the film Taksim Hold'em by Michael Onder and produced the end credits song "Texas" by Berk Hakman.
Music videos: 96 Miles & Goodnight My Love by Michael Onder & Co Amado. Just Another Day by Michael Onder.

© All songs and music by Steady Fingers except where mentioned.