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Here are unreleased or yet to be released pieces of music, and different versions of older tunes.

SNOOZE (2019)
The track was written and recorded some time around 2010 for Michael Onder's short film, "Dormant." This version is an extended/expanded version of the one that is heard in the film. Link to "Dormant":

Cover art by Aysun Altındağ ( )

released November 2, 2019

THROUGH THE CRACKS - Single (2019)
Another piece of the collaborative puzzle that is to be Misery Loves Company.

Pedal Steel Guitar, Telecaster - Cavit Ergün

Cover by Nesli Ergün

released July 1, 2019
SET ME FREE - Single (2019)
When I recorded the instrumental version of this tune for the film "Taksim Hold'em" I thought that it would be a good idea to record the vocals as well so I would have a new version that would end up on "Misery Loves Company." So here it is.

Cover by Devrim Kunter
Onur Kaya: Backing vocals, acoustic guitar
Soner Bellibaş: Backing vocals
Tarkan Çakır: Backing vocals

released May 26th, 2019
I NEED TO LEARN - Single (2018)
Recorded in late 2011. I was hoping to make it part of an album but I ended up being too lazy. Oh, also there was some writer's block that still haunts me today.

released December 20th, 2018
WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD (featuring Nephew Burak) - Single (2018)
An acoustic rendition of "Wrong Side of the Road" with Burak Ocakçı, aka Nephew Burak, my partner in crime from Ağaç Ev Blues Bar in Istanbul.

Nephew Burak - Harmonica
Photograph by Ergi Vardar

Words & Music by Steady Fingers

released October 22nd, 2018
Wake up and smell the coffee!
Another collection of instrumentals to accompany your coffee consumption pleasure. Works as study music too.

Warning: Listening to music at loud volumes causes permanent hearing loss. credits

Album cover by Aysun Altindag.

released September 20, 2018

Taksim Hold'em (Original Soundtrack) (2018)
Original soundtrack of "Taksim Hold'em", a feature film written & directed by Michael Önder.

Track 1 by Berk Hakman
Tracks 2, 3 by Steady Fingers
Berk Hakman: Lead & backing vocals, guitar on track 1
Onur Kaya: Backing vocals & guitar on track 1
Michael Önder: Backing vocals on track 1
Aysun Altindag: Backing vocals on track 1
Steady Fingers: Backing vocals, guitars, banjo, etc. on tracks 1, 2, 3.

released April 20, 2018
All In Vain (featuring Dinçer Tugmaner) - Single (2018)
From the upcoming album "Misery Loves Company" with Dinçer Tugmaner on harmonica.

Cover art by Elif Kut.

Words & Music by Steady Fingers

released April 1st, 2018
Work Work Work (featuring The Marabas) - Single (2018)
Rehashed song from the infamous "Best Of" album for the upcoming collaboration album "Misery Loves Company".

Cover art by Elif Kut.

Additional performers:
Soner Bellibas, Onur Kaya.

Words & Music by Steady Fingers

released March 18, 2018
Crying Shame - Single (2018)
From the upcoming album "Misery Loves Company."
The electric cigarbox guitars on this track were made by Altug Yanardag (HoBo Guitars).

Cover art by Elif Kut.

Additional performers:
Aysun Altndag, Gurur Altun, Can Arslan, Soner Bellibas,
Alper C. Cengiz, Tarkan Çakir, Ali Cem Gülmen,
Elçin Gürer, Onur Kaya, Çaga Tanyar, Altug Yanardag.

Words & Music by Steady Fingers

released January 29, 2018
THE 80s (Level 2) (2017)
The second batch of songs made in "The 80s" vein.
One new track and two rehashes.
Like the previous release this too has been recorded in the box using only free plugins.

Words & Music by Steady Fingers

released October 1, 2017
THE 80s (Phase 1) (2017)
Around 2013 I began recording 80s versions of some of my songs. These three are the ones I've got around to complete, so there might be a few more waiting down the line.
As the 1980s were the last good old days when real music was being made I decided to record on tape using analog synths, tube amps, etc., nothing digital. Oh, the time and money I spent looking around for any kind of working analog equipment... Kidding, I did it all in the box using free plugins only.

Words & Music by Steady Fingers

released July 1, 2017
BARISTA (2017)
A blend of acoustic instrumentals with a tinge of electric guitar and synthesizer.
After having released "Colour Blind" I decided, over a damn fine cup of coffee, to put together a new album using some leftovers, old ideas that had been lying around, and some new ones. To make things interesting I set myself a deadline, April 1st, 2017. So there you have it, an album completed at the eleventh hour.
Warning: Listening to music at loud volumes causes permanent hearing loss.
Music and photos by Steady Fingers
Coffee and cakes by:
ROP Coffee
Çekirdek Coffee & Cakes

released April 1, 2017

A collection of instrumental tracks of various genres comprised of synthesizers, drums, acoustic guitars, repeating patterns and soundscapes, banjos and slide guitars.
Warning: Listening to music at loud volumes causes permanent hearing loss.
Music by Steady Fingers
Photography by Aysun Altindag

released February 1, 2017
Recordings of some of the songs from Best Of and Nothing Fancy and a couple of leftovers in order to show the way they are played live.
This is not a concert recording. However, if it was, the lack of audience noise would not have been out of place as the last gigs lacked an audience.
One man, one guitar, a few harmonicas and a bunch of mistakes.

released December 20, 2012
*Exclusive to bandcamp
Psychedelic sleep music. Kind of.
Instrumental music made mostly with synths and drum machines.

released September 15, 2009
The album Nothing Fancy consists of acoustic songs featuring sparse use of electrical instruments and effects.
Additional performer:
Altug Yanardag

released February 16, 2009
BEST OF (2008)
The songs were written and recorded over a couple of years. No, they weren't labored over for years. Eventually when the time came to gather these glorified demos in one place and release them as an album, a debut album nonetheless, the not-so-bright idea of calling the album "Best Of" appeared.
The preferred criticism of this album would be "If this is the best, I can't dare to imagine the worst."
Additional performers:
Onur Sengul
Altug Yanardag
Mrs. Misteriosa

released February 16, 2008
A variety of instrumental music.
Photography by Aysun Altindag

released February 16, 2007

© All songs and music by Steady Fingers except where mentioned.