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    2019.07.01 - New Single: Snooze.
    2019.07.01 - New Single: Through the Cracks (feat. Cavit Ergün).
    2019.05.26 - New Single: Set Me Free (feat. The Marabas & Tarkan Çakır).
    2018.12.20 - New Single: I Need to Learn.
    2018.10.22 - New Single: Wrong Side of the Road (feat. Nephew Burak).
    2018.09.20 - New instrumental album: More Coffee.
    2018.04.20 - Soundtrack for the Michael Onder film Taksim Holdem is out.
    2018.04.01 - New Single: All In Vain (feat. Dinçer Tuğmaner).
    2018.03.18 - New Single: Work Work Work (feat. The Marabas).
    2018.03.16 - Two SF songs are in the film Kaybedenler Kulübü Yolda and its soundtrack.
    2018.01.29 - New Single: Crying Shame.
    2017.10.01 - More songs in 80s style: The 80s (Level 2).
    2017.07.01 - 80s style rehash of 3 songs: The 80s (Phase 1).
    2017.04.24 - Click here for video for "Among The Pines."
    2017.04.01 - New Instrumental Album: Barista.
    2017.04.24 - For the no-budget video for "Night Jogger" click here.
    2017.02.01 - New Instrumental Album: Colour Blind.
    2017.01.08 - Check out the new music page here.
    2016.09.23 - To listen to "Among The Pines", an unused track from the film Taksim Hold'em click here.
    2016.09.10 - Click here if you'd like to watch some live performances.
    2016.05.17 - To listen to "A Dusty Path" click here.
    2016.01.25 - For songs in Turkish, press 1 or click here.
    2015.05.26 - Click here to listen to "Flaneur".
    2015.05.16 - To listen to "Lynched Angel", an old track from the vault click here.
    2015.02.17 - Click here to listen to Altug Yanardag's new HoBo Guitar, the HOBO DOG.
    2015.01.02 - If you'd like to listen to some live stuff including a whole bunch of covers click here.
    2014.07.25 - Click here to listen to a reboot of Banished Blues played on HoBo Guitars.
    2014.07.10 - To see Altug Yanardag's new HoBo Guitar, the SALATACASTER click here.
    2014.05.02 - Click here to listen to a tad more elaborate version of "Snooze", written for Dormant.
    2014.02.24 - Click here for some tunes made a while back for "Should I Really Do It?".
    2013.10.28 - To listen to more tunes from "work in progress" albums click here.
    2013.10.02 - Click here to listen to "The Volunteers".
    2013.06.08 - New song: Chapullin' Blues.
    2013.02.11 - Click here to listen to the 80s versions of "96 Miles", "Just Another Day", "Goodnight My Love".

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The new HoBo Guitar (2014) by Altu Yanardag: The Salatacaster

HoBo Guitars built by Altu Yanardag (2013). Above: StratoBo, Below: Hobo-One