Steady Fingers
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    2017.10.01 - More songs in 80s style: The 80s (Level 2).
    2017.07.01 - 80s style rehash of 3 songs: The 80s (Phase 1).
    2017.04.24 - Click here for video for "Among The Pines."
    2017.04.01 - New Instrumental Album: Barista.
    2017.04.24 - For the no-budget video for "Night Jogger" click here.
    2017.02.01 - New Instrumental Album: Colour Blind.
    2017.01.08 - Check out the new music page here.
    2016.09.23 - To listen to "Among The Pines", an unused track from the film Taksim Hold'em click here.
    2016.09.10 - Click here if you'd like to watch some live performances.
    2016.05.17 - To listen to "A Dusty Path" click here.
    2016.01.25 - For songs in Turkish, press 1 or click here.
    2015.05.26 - Click here to listen to "Flaneur".
    2015.05.16 - To listen to "Lynched Angel", an old track from the vault click here.
    2015.02.17 - Click here to listen to Altug Yanardag's new HoBo Guitar, the HOBO DOG.
    2015.01.02 - If you'd like to listen to some live stuff including a whole bunch of covers click here.
    2014.07.25 - Click here to listen to a reboot of Banished Blues played on HoBo Guitars.
    2014.07.10 - To see Altug Yanardag's new HoBo Guitar, the SALATACASTER click here.
    2014.05.02 - Click here to listen to a tad more elaborate version of "Snooze", written for Dormant.
    2014.02.24 - Click here for some tunes made a while back for "Should I Really Do It?".
    2013.10.28 - To listen to more tunes from "work in progress" albums click here.
    2013.10.02 - Click here to listen to "The Volunteers".
    2013.06.08 - New song: Chapullin' Blues.
    2013.02.11 - Click here to listen to the 80s versions of "96 Miles", "Just Another Day", "Goodnight My Love".

All songs and music by Steady Fingers except where mentioned.

The new HoBo Guitar (2014) by Altu Yanardag: The Salatacaster

HoBo Guitars built by Altu Yanardag (2013). Above: StratoBo, Below: Hobo-One